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easol solution is the first holistic IT solution for investments in property and other real assets. The smart core of easol solution is easol suite. It consists of the fully integrated software products of our software partners. easol and its various interfaces ensure secure handling of all relevant data flows. This guarantees optimum data consistency and seamless workflows for our customers.

easol solution curtently is used by capital investment companies, investment managers, asset managers and property managers with more than, EUR 40 billion Assets under Management. Thesemembers of easol community, generate impetus for enhancement of the IT solution. Around 1,000 users currently use easol suite. They are connected via the easol infrastructure and supported by easol service. – asset and portfolio management is a modular standard software package for asset and portfolio management. It consolidates data from multiple software systems into one Data Warehouse. Having all data in one place enables detailed, multidimensional and aggregated planning and flexible reporting. As part of easol suite, has all essential modules on board for professional asset, fund and portfolio management. The scope of the high value standard report engine has been especially expanded for capital investment companies. Additionally data management via interfaces to further software solutions of easol suite is mandatory. With in easol standard, the market-leading data warehouse, planning and reporting tool for professional management of real assets is available to easol customers.

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Boreales ALL.FONDS – asset and fund management

BOREALES develops smart solutions for the investment and property industry. With the ALL.FONDS product range, Boreales has developed software applications fully integrated into SAP for investor and investment management, statistical reports, investment compliance monitoring, unit pricing and Solvency II and AIFMD reports.

easol customers can choose from all ALL.FONDS applications with full integration into the SAP easol suite and the easol suite.

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Coyote – acquisition pipeline management

The Coyote market software solution of easol suite significantly reduces the recurring manual workload of property transaction processes. It helps the deal team to collaborate and reduces the reliance on spreadsheets. It is adaptable to the investment company's individual process requirements and make transaction faster. For instance, KPI overviews in draft proposals and reports that would otherwise take many hours are prepared in just a few seconds.

Furthermore, the customer's calculation tool used in acquisition decisions can be connected with and thus integrated into the overall planning process.

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DocuWare – invoice workflow and archive

DocuWare provides cloud-based document management and software for workflow automation. This allows digitalisation, editing and tamper-proof archiving of any business documents in order to optimise a company's core processes. With its extensive customisation options, the DocuWare solution is particularly attractive to easol customers because intelligent (invoice) workflows can be mapped in the context of property management through existing interface connections to the SAP or ix-Haus system in easol suite. A standardised entry-level variant is also available.

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EVANA – intelligent data rooms

EVANA is a data management system specifically designed for use in the property industry. EVANA360 with AI, used in easol suite, allows extraction, intelligent sorting and evaluation of key information from specific documents in the real asset sector.

The self-learning platform is capable of individual and modular adaptation. EVANA can be linked with other software systems as required. The extensive potential uses of EVANA are initially compared with the requirements of easol customers and implemented in a joint project.

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iX-Haus – property managemen

iX-Haus maps all commercial processes of property management for properties in Germany, and is particularly effective for the management of complex, commercially used portfolios. Handling of daily operations is effectively supported. The program has a modular structure. The basic functions can be supplemented with add-on modules and adapted to individual needs as required.

In easol suite, iX-Haus is available as a flexibly combinable standard comprising the basic module and optional add-on modules – accounting (SKR 04 chart of accounts) and technology. This enables easol customers to use an all-round solution equipped with an interface to the asset and portfolio management software of the easol suite for property management in Germany.

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PRODA – verified tenant list data

PRODA uses the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to extrapolate the true value of the content of unstructured tenant lists automatically, quickly and reproducibly. PRODA's AI supports the entry, sampling, consolidation and standardisation of data. The focus is on processing, structuring, analysis and further processing or forwarding of the standardised and verified tenant list data. Geared towards asset managers, investment managers, transaction teams, brokers and evaluators, the technology is designed to automate processes for dealing with Excel tenant lists that often used to be performed manually and were susceptible to errors.

PRODA is particularly valuable for easol customers because the improvement in quality delivered by the preconfigured connection to the asset and portfolio management system of the easol suite and other forwarding options has an immediate impact.

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SAP FI – fund accounting/accounting under local GAAP and the German Investment Code

With the FI module, SAP provides a solution for property companies that can be used for holistic handling of all accounting processes and for preparation of balance sheets and profit & loss accounts through to consolidated overviews. The main functions are general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, asset and bank accounting. The module is available for SAP S/4HANA.

In easol suite, SAP FI is available as a standardised HGB system and in a version specifically for the requirements of capital investment companies (fund accounting). This means that various integrated solutions that complement each other perfectly, from property accounting and company accounting to fund accounting, are available to easol customers. Each system has an interface to the asset and portfolio management system of the easol suite.

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SAP RE/FX – property management

With the RE-FX (Flexible Real-Estate Management) module, SAP provides a fully integrated management software package for properties. It is supplied with the SAP FI system and is also available for SAP S/4HANA. This solution makes property management much easier. From buying and selling of properties to leasing of land and billing – all transactions and processes in property management can be mapped holistically with RE-FX.

In easol suite, all the key functions of RE-FX for professional property management are bundled to form a single standard and configured for integration into downstream systems. This allows the typical transactions to be mapped in an effective, clear way that focuses on what matters most. There is a pre-configured interface solution for the asset and portfolio management solution of the easol suite.

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