Enhancing the IT solution together


The easol ecosystem consists of easol solution and the easol community.

easol solution is used by capital investment companies, investment managers, asset managers and property managers. As members of the easol community, they generate impetus for enhancement of the IT solution. Around 1,000 users currently use easol suite. They are connected via the easol infrastructure and supported by easol service.

The benefits of the easol ecosystem at a glance

  • The first platform for a fully integrated software solution in the real assets sector
  • A high level of standardisation ensures an outstanding cost/benefit ratio
  • Modern interface solutions ensure continuous data consistency
  • The SaaS solution removes the need for cost-intensive IT installations at the customer end
  • The easol community generates impetus for digitalisation of the property industry

easol solution

easol solution is the first all-in-one IT solution for investments in property and other real assets. The smart core of easol solution is easol suite. It consists of the fully integrated software products of our software partners. The accompanying service, which is particularly important in the set-up and onboarding phases, is offered via easol service. With the easol infrastructure or manufacturer-operated cloud solutions, we provide all customers with an IT infrastructure that meets the latest requirements.

easol suite

The smart core of easol solution is easol suite. It consists of the fully integrated software products:
3. Coyote
4. DocuWare
6. iX-Haus
8. SAP FI – fund accounting
9. SAP FI – Local GAAP

We have combined the best products on the market in this IT solution. They are integrated in easol suite and deliver the right content: they have already been comprehensively designed, set up and adapted for the requirements of fund providers and managers of real assets.

easol service

We provide an extensive, reliable service for our customers with easol service. The set-up and onboarding phases are crucial for all users. We actively support our customers with standardised onboarding processes and a proven, structured and binding plan of action. In addition, the easol team helps with data integration of third-party software solutions. A key account manager provides personal support and is on hand to deal with any questions.

easol infrastructure

We provide a state-of-the-art infrastructure for our customers with the easol infrastructure. This includes enterprise hardware with multi-cloud option, multiple line connection to data centres, real-time mirroring of all data and proven back-up and recovery systems. Other features of the easol infrastructure are established and tested contingency processes as well as 24/7 system availability. Data security is our top priority. Data from different users or customers is kept strictly separate. If manufacturers have their own secure cloud solutions, we manage these for our customers.

easol community

The strength of easol solution is its community philosophy: all users become part of the unique easol community. Everyone shares their expertise with the community. The growing body of knowledge is used to enhance the IT solutions. Through direct exchange with the users, these solutions are constantly optimised, and their individual scope of application is extended. The profit is in the purchase. The easol community benefits from this wisdom: it acts as a purchasing community in relation to its software partners. For instance, discounts on licence prices are attained for community members, and bundled project management enables savings on project management costs.

We constantly screen the market for innovative solutions, and the community benefits from new PropTechs that we integrate into the IT solution.


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